Weekfiftytwo.com focuses on finding the right locations during the best possible time. Vacationers can use inventory that fits their wants and needs and Owners can rid themselves of unused inventory. Everybody wins!


Enjoy large condo units, typically only available to membership owners, at secondary market prices. Visit beach resorts when it's nice and sunny and enjoy ski resorts with the perfect slopes. Take no risks when it comes to enjoying your holidays and family vacations.



Resorts for every type of traveler.


More than just variety – weekfiftytwo.com brings owners and vacationers alike… real solutions.



For Rent by Owner

weekfiftytwo.com’s expert team will assist you in making a reservation for a high demand week at your resort in order to secure a rental. There is no upfront fee to rent your week as long as you already have a confirmed reservation. Contact one of our agents by filling out the form below for a free consultation.



For Sale by Owner

Complete our questionnaire with one of our timeshare exit specialists to find out the worth of your timeshare and whether or not you have any possibilities of recovering some of your investment.



Transfer & Assumption Services

Resort management companies all have their own bylaws which can vary greatly. Calling the resort and doing the runaround yourself will leave you holding for hours and wasting a lot of your time. Allow our expert staff to do the work for you. They already know what it takes to transfer an ownership for all the mayor timeshares. We also have a research department with decades of experience transferring ownership from owner to owner that can secure a completed transfer guaranteed.



Online Marketing (SEO/SEM)

Get the best exposure available with our online marketing. Taking full advantage of the power of the internet through our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services. We specialize in finding buyers and renters for your type of unit using keywords and key-phrases that are most relevant to your timeshare. While other owners will continue to use outdated marketing methods, weekfiftytwo.com focuses on next age marketing using all mayor channels like search engines, social media, email campaigns and much more.

Living it up in Vaucluse.


At Bryant Hill, we believe a true community shouldn't be gated or fenced in – it should seamlessly meld into its surroundings. That's why we chose Sydney's beautiful Vaucluse neighborhood for our location.